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OSVH Neptun metrological class C


  • Double-rate hot and cold water meter «Archimed» is designed for measurement and fiscal metering of potable water rate as per SanPiN and hot water as per SNiP 41-02-2003
  • Water meter is used for separate automatic independent control and calculation of consumed hot water, and only water having a temperature of 40 and more is accounted for as hot water. All other water is accounted for as cold
  • The water meter is ideal for private houses and flats with hot water temperature below the specified one, or where hot water gains the required temperature for a long period of time
  • Advantages

    • Simple and reliable design
    • Equipped with a MID-sensor, which makes it possible to provide the device with innovative digital reading unit
    • It is perfectly suitable for incorporation into automatic meter reading system
    • Low pressure loss
    • It is manufactured from environment-friendly non-polluting materials, not emitting harmful substances into potable water

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