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STVK-1 combination water meter


  • STVK-1 series water meter is designed for potable and process water consumption metering with a maximum temperature of 50 degrees;
  • STVK-1 is designed for systems with a large range of water rates and dispersion of pressure values;
  • Can be applied in fire distribution networks and at the facilities with significant seasonal (daily) fluctuation of water consumption
  • Pulse value: 100 liters/pulse+ 10 liters/pulse for DN 50, 65, 80, 100 and 1000 liters/pulse + 100 liters/pulse for DN150
  • Advantages

    • The water meter fully conforms to GOST R 50193 and ISO 4064, ISO 7858.1.2.3 international standards
    • Structurally there are two meters in the device: a turbine water meter for high water rates, a multiple jet impeller water meter for small water rates. It provides for a possibility of accurate metering at the facilities with a wide range of low and high water water rates
    • Possibility to integrate the water meter into the automated data control and management system, counter mechanisms are equipped with MID-sensors.

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