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Mars Compact Heat Meter


The principle of heat meter operation consists in coolant volume and temperature metering in supply and return pipelines, and subsequent determination of thermal energy based on metering results processing by a calculator.

Maintenance shall be carried out by people who have studied the operation manual.
Maintenance includes:

  • periodic maintenance during operation;
  • maintenance before inspection.

Periodic maintenance includes visual examination of the heat meter, taking readings and corrective actions to eliminate the causes of errors in operation.
Examination shall be performed at least once a month, it includes inspection of secure device fastening at the site of operation, cabling condition and integrity of seals.
Replacement of lithium battery is required during periodic inspection.

  • Advantages

    • Recalibration interval is 6 years
    • Scrupulous modular design of the heat meter provides for convenient operation.
    • Heat Meters do not require special maintenance and function without failures for many years, provided that they are mounted and operated in compliance with the requirements.
    • The heat meter has nonvolatile memory, which registers monthly heat energy values for at least 18 months, daily values for at least 180 days and hourly rates for at least 45 days.
    • Universal construction of the heat meter provides for its application in heat metering mode in dead-end hot water supply system, and as a hot water meter.

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