Production of high-quality water
and heat meters

20 years on the market

Impulse transmitters



  • Complete with water meters of GD index modification
  • Meters connection to various reading taking systems


  • For equipment of VSKM and OSVH type meters
  • For equipment of STVH() and STREAM type devices
  • For equipment of VKM, VKM   STVK 1&2 water flow meters
  • Advantages

    • Work in a wide range of climatic conditions;
    • High reliability and durability;
    • Adapted to Russian operating conditions by means of implementation of special electric protection circuits for protection against undesirable impact of external electric and magnetic fields, and by means of constructions protecting against mechanical damage;
    • Provide for communication line control
    • Index of protection IP68
    • Pulse duration depends on the water velocity, in case of a water meter stop a continuous pulse is possible.

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