Production of high-quality water
and heat meters

20 years on the market



Serial production of high-accuracy metering unit of metrological class C

Increasing requirements to water and heat metering require more and more accurate and reliable equipment. We have planned release of a new turbine water meter of metrological class C for 2014.

History of the company

Accreditation of in-house calibration laboratory

Start of works on designing and introduction of automatic data collection and management systems.


We have accredited our in-house calibration laboratory to perform all kinds of measurements- flow rate, temperature and pressure. We have received a right to calibration for initial and periodic calibration.

PK Pribor, LLC, rebranding appearance of Decast Metronic
PK Pribor, LLC, rebranding  appearance of Decast Metronic

The Company PK Pribor, LLC, started developing foreign market. In this regard, there appeared necessity of a new bright trademark reflecting the nature of company operation. Basic principles — Trust, Quality, Stability, formed a new name Decast.

Designing and preparation for release of a flat heat meter STK Mars
Designing and preparation for release of a flat heat meter STK Mars

Approval of the RF Federal Law dd. 23.11.2009 No. 261-FZ «On energy saving and improvement of energetic efficiency and on introduction of changes into separate legal acts of the Russian Federation», Government Decree dd. 25.01.2011 No. 18 «On approval of rules for establishment of energetic efficiency requirements to buildings, structures, constructions and the requirements to the rules for blocks of flats energy efficiency class determination», and rapidly increasing demand for individual heat metering gave impetus to our team to develop a new product — a flat heat meter STK «Mars».

The first heat meter

Together with CJSC Teplomer, an industrial heat meter ST-10 was prepared for release.

Expansion of the model range of output products

Serial production of water meters covering all expenses and conforming to all popular diameters from DN15 to DN200.

Release of the first STVH series turbine water meter
Release of the first STVH series turbine water meter

The Company developed and released the first turbine water meter. Wide implementation of new materials, use of foreign component parts, introduction of innovative developments have made it in-demand at the entire territory of Russia.

Release of the first VSKM series meter
Release of the first VSKM series meter

Cooperation with the USSR leader in metering units developing, «Niiteplopribor», results in appearance of the first meter of in-house production — VSKM series impeller water meter of 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm nominal diameters.

Start of preparation works for release of the first metering unit

Due to destruction of trade and economic links of the former USSR, it was decided to arrange in-house production of water meters. Elaboration of technical documentation, selection of suppliers and contractors. Production site selection in Kursk. It was based on the Kursk plant of tractor spare parts KZTZ.

PK Pribor team formation

PK Pribor Company was established as an enterprise involved in supply of control and measurement equipment. Almost at once, we started to specialize in water meters. The Company becomes a dealer of all former USSR plants having produced water meters: Kirovobad instrument engineering plant, Dnepropetrovsk instrument engineering plant, Moscow plant «Vodopribor»

First GOST standards for water meters

First regulatory documents are issued in the USSR regulating production of water meters

History of the area of focus

. . Popov presented the project of Moscow sewage system
The first water meter was invented by Karl Wilhelm Siemens
Paris sewage system serves 414 000 citizens
0600 bc
Roman sewerage loaka MAXIMA is built by the Etrurian ruler, Tarkquinius Superbus

It was about five meters wide and stretched between the Capitolium and Palatine hills from the main city Forum to the Tiber river

3000 bc
The first water supply system in the city of Arkhaim

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